Tuesday, September 9, 2008

David on Week three of Level II

Hi everyone,

The pattern we've set up over these first two lessons is basically what I'd like to maintain for the remainder of our lessons. That is reviewing what we discussed last week, followed by covering about two new pages from the grammar section and one new page from the vocab section each week.

Each day or week if you are able to 1)study some grammar, such as reviewing what we've done in the most recent lesson, 2) spell some words out loud and 3)study some vocabulary, you will see that you will make steady progress.

A great way to review each week is to watch the relevant portion of the DVD. The DVD and the CD follow very closely the Level II manual (the course book). On the CD I spell out and read all the Tibetan from the entire grammar and vocab sections. On the DVD I actually teach the course in brief. And then there is the Bootleg version of the Level II course. That is an entire three-day seminar on DVD. It has lots of review, explanation, stories, jokes, etc. It is a very thorough presentation of this material. So watching a bit of that each week should really solidify the material for you.

And don't forget: email me anytime with questions. AND, I almost forgot to say: do the homework. It's fun. Then mail, fax or email it to me and I'll correct it and send it back to you.

Please have fun and enjoy yourselves with this course.

Very best wishes,